Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Law & Politics Book Review Symposium on the Rule of Law After 9/11

The Law & Politics Book Review is pleased to present a symposium on Rule of Law After 9/11.

INTRODUCTION: “THE RULE OF LAW IN A POST 9/11 WORLD" Paul Parker, Law and Politics Book Review Editor

LIBERTY & SECURITY, by Conor Gearty. Reviewed by Angela Mae Kupenda, Mississippi College School of Law.

WHAT IS WAR?: AN INVESTIGATION IN THE WAKE OF 9/11, by Mary Ellen O’Connell (ed.). Reviewed by Donald W. Jackson, Department of Political Science, Texas Christian University.

THE DISTINCTION AND RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN JUS AD BELLUM AND JUS IN BELLO, by Keiichiro Okimoto. Reviewed by Wade Mansell, Kent Law School, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

EU COUNTER-TERRORISM LAW: PRE-EMPTION AND THE RULE OF LAW, by Cian C. Murphy. Reviewed by David Schultz, Department of Political Science, Hamline University

SUPERVISION: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY, by John Gilliom and Torin Monahan. Reviewed by Priscilla H. M. Zotti, Department of Political Science, United States Naval Academy

THE EUROPEAN UNION AND GLOBAL EMERGENCIES : A LAW AND POLICY ANALYSIS, by Antonis Antoniadis, Robert Schütze and Eleanor Spaventa (eds). [Modern Studies in European Law]. Reviewed by Wim Pelt, Department of Law and Cultural Studies, Open Universiteit Netherlands.

CONGRESS AND THE POLITICS OF NATIONAL SECURITY, by David P. Auerswald and Colton C. Campbell (eds.). Reviewed by Darren A. Wheeler, Department of Political Science, Ball State University.

LONG WARS AND THE CONSTITUTION, by Stephen M. Griffin. Reviewed by Kimberley Fletcher, Department of Political Science, Ohio University

NON-LEGALITY IN INTERNATIONAL LAW: UNRULY LAW, by Fleur Johns. Reviewed by Christopher P. Banks, Department of Political Science, Kent State University

REAPING WHAT YOU SOW: A COMPARATIVE EXAMINATION OF TORTURE REFORM IN THE UNITED STATES, FRANCE, ARGENTINA, AND ISRAEL, by Henry F. Carey. Reviewed by Samuel B. Hoff, Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy, Delaware State University

THE RISE AND FALL OF WAR CRIMES TRIALS, FROM CHARLES I TO BUSH II, by Charles Anthony Smith. Reviewed by Samuel S. Stanton, Jr. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Grove City College

TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE (NOMOS LI), by Melissa S. Williams, Rosemary Nagy, and Jon Elster (ed.) Reviewed by Anna Fruhstorfer, Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt-University Berlin

THE DEFENDANT IN INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS; BETWEEN LAW AND HISTORIOGRAPHY, by Björn Elberling. Reviewed by Kathie Barrett, Department of Political Science and Planning, University of West Georgia

CONSTITUTIONAL LIFE AND EUROPE’S AREA OF FREEDOM, SECURITY AND JUSTICE, by Alun Howard Gibbs. Reviewed by Dagmar Soennecken, School of Public Policy and Administration, York University.

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