Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Growing Momentum to Stop Deportations

An update  from the Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (EBASE) & the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights.  
We are excited to share news about a Growing Momentum to 
Stop the Deportation & of Actions in San Francisco that we were a part of.

Last week, October 17th, on the heels of actions in Arizona (Eloy and Tucson), to stop ICE deportation buses,  a coalition of organizations in the Bay Area, did the same at the San Francisco Field Office of Immigration Customs and Enforcement. 

The action was an important message to those detained and their families that there are people organizing and opposing the current system of mass deportation. It also sends a message to Congress and President Obama, that if they will not act to stop the deportations, the people will. 
It was an honor for religious leaders part of the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights and Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy, part of the statewide network Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice- California (CLUE-CA), to participate.

We also invite you to sign the Declaration of Repentance and Resistance, written by  the Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition.

If you'd like to participate in future acts of accompaniment and resistance, please let us know:  dlee@clueca.org or kristi@workingeastbay.org.



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