Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Add ICE, and Family Vacation Becomes Family Separation

Ramiro family

Hi, my name is Ramiro Molina Solis (#078-546-420) and I need your help. Two years ago, I took my children on a day trip to Sedona, Arizona. Like any parent, I worried about Rodrigo getting too close to a cliff and Guadalupe wandering out of sight. I didn’t expect that the family outing could leave my children without a father. That day, the police gave me a ticket for hunting without a license. When I couldn’t pay the ticket, I was arrested and taken to Eloy Detention Center. Last Thursday, ICE ordered me to self-deport, even though an unpaid hunting license is the only thing they have against me. Five of my children are U.S. citizens, born in Arizona: Stacy, 12, Rodrigo, 12, Danielle, 11, Jose Antonio, 5, and Guadalupe, 3. I take Stacy, Rodrigo, and Danielle to Montebello Middle School every morning. My children are my life.

Please tell ICE to cancel my deportation. Family unity is a human right!

Click the link above to send an e-mail to ICE.


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