Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From the Bookshelves: Blueprint for an ‘All-In Nation’

All-in nation

Today the Center for American Progress and PolicyLink released the new book All-In Nation, which lays the groundwork for federal policies that would create a more equitable economy and a more equitable nation. The book examines the impact of the increasing racial and ethnic diversity of America, and lays out a progressive policy agenda in key areas: infrastructure; jobs and the economy; health care and healthy communities; education and workforce development; immigration; criminal justice; and democratic participation.

Each policy chapter is introduced with a relevant personal essay written by a public figure, among them renowned educator Geoffrey Canada, jurist Michelle Alexander, and actress America Ferrera. The book’s contributors also include Marian Wright Edelman, Ai-jen Poo, Gov. Ed Rendell, Dr. Robert Ross, and Lawrence Summers. Together they represent a spectrum of issues and settings—from the streets to the halls of government and philanthropy to the ivory tower, along with a full range of wisdom, experience, and perspective that can lead to a stronger America.

All-In Nation includes a new analysis by economist Robert Lynch showing that if racial and ethnic income gaps were closed:

• Our gross domestic product would be about $1.2 trillion higher per year

• We would have about $192 billion more in federal, state, and local tax revenues

• 13 million people would be lifted out of poverty

All-In Nation is available for free in PDF format.

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