Friday, May 10, 2013

The Fallacy of "Enforcement First"

From the Immigration Policy Center:

The Fallacy of “Enforcement First” & Lost in The Shadow of the Fence

The Immigration Policy Center releases two fact sheets, The Fallacy of "Enforcement First" and Lost in the Shadow of the Fence.

The Fallacy of "Enforcement First" discusses the strategy of enforcing the border while ignoring immigration reforms, which the United States has been pursuing for more than two-and-a-half decades. This enforcement-first philosophy ignores the fact that the unworkable nature of our immigration laws is itself facilitating unauthorized immigration, and how our enforcement policies alone have not been able to turn the tide on unauthorized migration.

Lost in the Shadow of the Fenc
e highlights the important economic relationship between Mexico and the United States. The resounding refrain we repeatedly hear from some members of Congress is that we must lengthen and strengthen the fence that separates us from one of our largest economic partners and that it must be completed before moving forward with proposed immigration reforms. While there is a need for secure borders, there is also a need for further streamlining and efficiently facilitating the daily cross-border flows of people, goods, and services important to our bi-national economic relationship.

To view the fact sheets in their entirety, see:

The Fallacy of "Enforcement F
irst" (IPC Fact Check, May 2013)
Lost in the Shadow of the Fence (IPC Fact Check, May 2013)

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