Monday, April 15, 2013

LatCrit 2013 Call for Papers

Resistance Rising: Theorizing and Building Cross-Sector Movements Chicago, IL October 4-5, 2013

Global neoliberalism is rapidly reshaping a new social structure of accumulation (“SSA”). The new SSA dramatically alters the landscape for collective bargaining by workers in the name of “right to work” laws, allows unlimited corporate influence in federal elections in the name of “free speech,” transforms public goods and services into private commodities in the name of “efficiency” or “deficit-reduction,” and creates tensions and contradictions inherent in a system that seeks to hoard racial and economic privilege for the few. The current failure of neoliberal economic policies creates an interesting moment of possibility for progressive alliances and alternatives. Communities are pushing back against the attack on labor union organizing, the dehumanization of immigrants, the rollback of reproductive autonomy, the retreat from race, and attempts to cabin gender, sexuality, and family formation. For LatCrit 2013, we welcome all LatCrit scholars, old and new, to submit proposals, particularly those that reference or incorporate any of the following themes: Theorizing Resistance; Organizing Resistance; and Building Cross-Sector Theories and Movements.

While we will structure plenary panels to focus on the theme of LatCrit 2013, we will continue the practice of creating spaces within the conference for an inclusive conversation among scholars and activists extending beyond the primary theme, including papers or panels that focus on the multiple dimensions of Latina/o identity and its relationship to current legal, political and cultural regimes or practices; that are especially salient to Chicago and the midwestern United States; that elucidate cross-group histories or experiences with law and power; that connect or contrast LatCrit theory to or contrast it with other genres of scholarship, both within and beyond law and legal theory; or that highlight praxis with scholarship that builds on histories and transformative practices of social justice movements.

The deadline to submit proposals is Saturday, June 1, 2013. Proposals should be submitted via our paper submission site located on the LatCrit web site. Please note that although paper proposals for work-in-progress sessions may be submitted now, we will continue to accept those proposals through mid-August (please refer to the LatCrit website for forthcoming additional details).

Be advised that PowerPoint will not be available for panel and WIP presentations. Papers for inclusion in the conference symposium issue will be due December 31, 2013. 


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