Friday, April 19, 2013

Bombing Suspects Reportedly Are Legal Immigrants

"Authorities say that the 2 Boston bomb suspects are brothers, are legal permanent residents of Chechen origin - @NBCNews, @PeteWilliamsNBC

Here (and here) is more information about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.  Preliminary reports are that the brothers came with their parents from Russia in 2002 and 2003 and the family sought asylum in the United States.  The brothers' immigration and citiozenship status is outlined here.

CNN reported early this morning that one of the suspects has been killed and one is on the run.

Will the fact that the Boston Marathon bombing suspects are immigrants affect the debate over immigration reform?  Even before the suspects were identified, some leaders from the right, including Congressman Steven King (R-Iowa), named immigrants as among the top likely culprits for the bombing.  Not surprisingly, Congressman King opposes the immigration reform proposal unveiled earlier this week:

"The Gang of Eight's bill is aggressive and outrageous amnesty," said King. "It is instant legalization of all illegal immigrants in the United States, with very few exceptions. It contains only promises: the promise of a plan for border security, of a backup plan for the border security, and of workplace enforcement in the form of making E-Verify mandatory. What makes anyone think President Obama would enforce any future immigration laws when he has violated his own oath of office to take care that the laws be 'faithfully executed'? I expected this from Democrats who have long understood their brand of more taxes, more borrowing, and more government giveaways, and know how to sell it. It is the Republicans who should know better. Republicans who support this bill have effectively said to Americans, 'we are prepared to sacrifice the Rule of Law on the altar of misguided and erroneous political expediency'."

In an immigration reform hearing on Friday morning, Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) quickly jumped on the tighten the borders/national security bandwagon.


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