Thursday, March 28, 2013

California Principles on Immigration Reform

From the California Immigrant Policy Center:

Over 100 California Organizations Support Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Congress is negotiating and writing immigration reform legislation right now.  And the small print of each proposal willhave a huge impact on the lives of all 2.7 million undocumented Californians, their families, and all of us.

Will reform keep families together, respect worker rights, create a more humane border, and finally end painful detentions and deportations?

Congress should listen to what California has to say - we're the state with the largest immigrant population. 

Many of you are leading powerful campaigns, organizing, mobilizing, strategizing, and lobbying for fair and inclusive immigration reform.

And we are honored to share a tool to support these efforts.

Building on a convening last month with dozens of California organizations, CIPC and NILC worked with partners across the state to develop a California Values Statement on Immigration Reform.  As of last week, over 100 organizations have signed on! Thank you so much to all who helped make this possible.

The statement urges Congress to pass immigration reform that protects the principle of family unity for all, including LGBT families; creates a road to citizenship for all 11 million aspiring citizens that is free of obstructions; ends unjust detentions and deportations; protects worker rights; and ensures a humane and efficient border. A detailed set of policy recommendations complement the statement.

Click Download  for the statment.

Sign on, if you haven't already.

Thank you for all of your hard work for immigrant rights.

Reshma Shamasunder
Executive Director, California Immigrant Policy Center


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