Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Alternative to Comprehensive Immigration Reform? The Dignity Campaign


"THE DIGNITY CAMPAIGN'S ALTERNATIVE VISION FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM" by David Bacon in The Nation reports on the Dignity Campaign, a loose network of more than forty immigrant rights and community organizations, unions and churches that has crafted an immigration reform proposal based on “human, labor and civil rights for all.” The campaign’s member organizations support it as an alternative to the political strategy behind the tradeoffs toward enforcement, guest worker programs, manyt comprehgensive immigration reform proposals.  Here is what the campaign calls for:

 "Over the last year a group of Organizations and Individuals Have Been meeting to AFFIRM the Need for an Immigration Reform bill based on human rights. Would This bill include legalization of the undocumented Immediate, de-criminalization of Immigrants, equal rights, reunification of Families, an end to temporary worker Programs, and an end to foreign trade and the Policies That cause dislocation of people.

We are calling this effort the Dignity Campaign for Real Immigration Reform. We Need Real Solutions to the denial of migrants’ rights, to the Economic and Political Forces That force migration, and to the Economic Crisis Affects That working people in general. We hope to raise our collective Aspirations for Immigration Reform, Rather Than limit our work to criticizing Congressional Proposals Reflect corporate That Needs for exploitable labor.

The Dignity Campaign is an education and Organizing Effective tool – a positive alternative to Congressional Proposals and Policies That Immigrants continue to criminalize. Can we use the alternative ‘bill’ in community forums, union meetings, marches, lobbying visits to Congress Members, newspaper articles and other Ways to raise our expectations for real solutions and rally support.

We welcome the input of groups and Individuals On this Proposal and Communities Encourage unions to use it and in Formulating your own Proposals. Some Communities are using the Proposal Already This Way. We invite you to join the Dignity Campaign in Developing an immigration bill Represents the Reforms That we really need."


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