Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fact Check: Mitt Romney's Spanish-Language Immigration Ad



Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is making a push for the Latino vote. His campaign  recently released a Spanish-language television ad in which Romney promises to solve various immigration problems, including the need for a "permanent solution" for young undocumented immigrants. Some immigrant groups, however, argue that the ad is misleading. The main issue is Romney's claim that he worked across party lines in Massachusetts made in the context of a discussion on immigration, suggesting that he would work in a bipartisan manner on the issue when elected president.

Click here for a fact check of the new ad.  Romney's immigration rhetoric has softened somewhat since he first started campaigning in the Republican primaries. On one hand, he's spoken of "self-deportation"—driving undocumented immigrants out of the country by removing incentives to stay. On the other hand, during the second presidential debate, he promised to pass a reform bill during his first year in office.

The ad, titled "Solutions for Immigration" opens with a segment on President Obama's failed promise to pass immigration reform, and goes on to say that if Mitt Romney becomes president, he will work to gain bipartisan support for reform.

Do you think that Mitt Romney, once a champion of "self deportation," would be better on immigration than President Obama?  Let us know readers.  We will accept guest posts on this topic.



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