Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Immigration: A Citizens' Solutions Guide

Here is a preview of "Immigration: A Citizens' Solutions Guide," a forthcoming voter resource from nonpartisan Public Agenda that aims to improve the election dialogue on immigration reform. Public release will be tomorrow, Wednesday September 26.

The United States is currently experiencing one of the biggest waves of immigration in its history, and the foreign-born make up a fifth of our workforce. As we sort out how immigration reform fits into the context of fixing our economy and adding more jobs in a changing workforce, citizens need to understand what's really at stake, outside the often manipulative chatter of overly-partisan politics. Moreover, while the majority of Americans agree that our nation's immigration policy is in dire need of reform, the public lacks consensus or certainty regarding how to change the system. Government gridlock and pandering to extremes certainly don't help.

"Immigration: A Citizens' Solutions Guide" provides the background necessary for understanding the complexity of the issue, examining authorized versus unauthorized immigration and how both affect our economy. It also helps citizens weigh the real tradeoffs that emerge from some of the approaches endorsed by candidates and policymakers from across the political spectrum. These options include:

Dramatically strengthen the enforcement of current laws and reduce the level of legal immigration.

Match immigration policy to the needs of the economy.

Reform the system to take advantage of the enormous social and economic contributions of immigrants.

The guide is part of a suite of Solutions Guides from Public Agenda. The Citizens' Solutions Guide series combines Public Agenda's research and engagement expertise with our nonpartisan credibility to create a unique resource for voters. The guides get voters out of an either/or, politicized frame of thinking to start focusing on practical solutions. With the help of these guides, voters head to the polls having considered the tradeoffs and consequences of their vote.

Visit this website for more information. "Immigration: A Citizens' Solutions Guide" will be released publicly tomorrow.



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