Sunday, September 23, 2012

As Show-Me-Your-Papers Goes into Effect, Residents are Trained to Respond

From the CBS Evening News:

Civil rights groups teaching residents in Arizona how to use cell phones to record video if stopped by the police. The training session was a response to Arizona's law that took effect this week. It allows police to investigate the immigration status of anyone they stop, giving rise to fears of racial profiling.

Defenders of the law say police will not use race when deciding whom to question about immigration status.

"The focal point is the conduct, not the color of the skin," said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. "And that allows police officers to fairly distinguish between those who by the virtue of their conduct then come under suspicion for investigation, and those who aren't."

But those who came to this meeting fear they will be targets of the law and that their families will be divided.

"We've seen in many of these communities that a lot of parents have the punishment for being here without documents has been losing their kids," said Diana Ramirez from the civil rights group Puente, "and not being reunited when they are deported." Read more...


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