Monday, August 13, 2012

Mandating E-Verify Not Popular Among States

From the National Immigration Law Center:

In the wake of last year’s disappointing Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting decision, worker advocates feared that 2012 would usher in a wave of state laws requiring that employers use the federal government’s flawed Internet-based employment eligibility verification system, E-Verify.

But now, as most legislative sessions have ended, it’s clear that almost all states declined to make use of E-Verify mandatory. Although a significant number of E-Verify bills were introduced in state legislatures, almost all ultimately were rejected by state legislators, who increasingly realize that it is bad public policy to require employers to use the program.

Check out NILC’s new Policy Resources: E-Verify in the States page for an overview of all state E-Verify laws, including bills introduced in the past legislative session. Questions? Contact Emily Tulli at [email protected].


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