Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Governor Nikki Haley Reminds Us that Today's Republican Party Stands Against Unions, Immigrants, Minorities


The Republican National Convention last night had a number of much anticipated prime time speeches, including ones by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (who referenced Bruce Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town even though the Boss refuses to talk with Christie because of their stark political differences) and Ann Romney.  Ann humanized Mitt.  Chris spoke of the need for leadership just like his leadership of New Jersey.  I watched their speeches with great interest. But I learned the most from a speech that I just happened to catch before the main events of the evening.    

A one-time Vice Presidential hopeful, a smiling South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley did not take long to rail on the Obama administration in her speech, sounding anti-union, anti-immigration, and anti-civil rights (and pro-voter ID) themes one-after-another in the tradition of the modern Republican Party.  Interestingly, the Republican nominee's father, George Romney, marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and was an ardent defender of civil rights

Haley applauded the "non-union" employees at Boeing's South Carolina manufacturing plant and charged President Obama with answering to the "union bosses," reminding us of a time when many, including Representative Joe McCarthy, thought that unions were too powerful.  

Governor Haley criticized the Obama administration for suing to challenge the South Carolina immigration enforcement law, just as it challenged similar Arizona and Alabama laws.  Haley defended her state's law as a necessary response to the administration's alleged failure to enforce the U.S. immigration laws. Interestingly, Governor Haley is the daughter of immigrants from India.

Governor Haley's remarks, which provoked applause at various times -- especially in her defense of the state's voter identification law, reminded us of what the Republican Party of today stands for.



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