Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood to President Obama: Make My Day



Actor Clint Eastwood made a surprise speech at the Republican National Convention last night.  It was memorable, ending with Eastwood leading the crowd in a loud "Make My Day" shout. 

What precisely was Clint telling the President with the reference to that iconic movie line?  The videos above show a scene in which Eastwood's character, Detective "Dirty" Harry Callahan, uses the "Make My Day" line.  One video just shows the line.  The other video is a lengthier clip and shows the African American man that Callahan is pointing the gun at.  One comment to the second video states:  "i like how all the people he shoots are black."

Is the Eastwood reference a more subtle reference to the point that the Facebook "ROPE" posting with a picture of the President?


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