Thursday, July 26, 2012

The World of Disney? Calm Returns to the OC After Nights of Riots

CNN reports that, affter four nights of rioting, Anaheim, California, in the heart of the famous Orange County and Disneyland (the self-proclaimed "happiest place on earth"), is now calm after federal authorities agreed to examine police shootings in the city, including one last Saturday.  Police shot and killed two men in Anaheim over the weekend, but it was Saturday afternoon's shooting of Manuel Diaz, whom police characterized as a "gang member." Days of protest and confrontations with police followed.

As often is the case in news stories posted on the internet, the comments were most jarring.  One jumps out:

"Known mexican gang members what's the problem? They should be used for target practice whenever there's an opportunity."

When I last checked the comment had received 68 "likes". 

As the comment suggests, racial tensions underlie the unrest in Anahiem, which were unleashed by the police shootings.  For analyis of the tensions in Anaheim, click here.


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