Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Consortium

From UC San Diego:

The 28th Meeting of the Politics of Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Consortium (PRIEC)
Friday, May 8th, 12:00 - 7:30pm
The Village at Torrey Pines, 15th Floor
Co-sponsored by:
The Center for Comparative Immigration Studies
Department of Political Science

12:30-2:45pm   PANEL 1

Alisan Anoll, Stanford University, Dissipating Cuban Distinctiveness: A Study of the Increasing Homogeneity of Latino Political Participation Among Post-1980 Immigrant and U.S. Born Cubans

Zoli Hajnal and Michael Rivera, UCSD, Attitudes Toward Latinos and the White Vote
Chris Haynes, University of California Riverside, Calling All Empathizers: How Empathy Moderates the Effect of Empathic Capacity on Immigration Policy Preferences

Brad Jones, UC-Davis, Anchor Babies and Aliens: What’s in a Name?

Neil Visalvanich, UCSD, An Experimental Manipulation: Candidate Race, Information, and Vote Choice

2:45-3:00pm   COFFEE BREAK
3:00-5:15pm   PANEL 2

Melissa Michelson, Menlo College, Nativity and Mobilization: Field Experiments in Immigrant Voter Mobilization

Sergio Garcia-Rios, University of Washington, From Defined to Refined: A Theory of Identity Formation among Latinos/a

Joel Fetzer and Michael Weisshar, Pepperdine University, Generic Prejudice and Public Attitudes toward Immigration in Argentina

Kristina Victor, UC Davis, The Ties that Bind: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Ethnic Cues

Jane Lily, UCSD Sociology, Identity and Protest: How the 2006 Immigration Protests Shaped Identity Among Latinos Living in the United States

Soomi Lee, University of La Verne, Racial Hetereogeneity and Medicaid Expenditure in the U.S. States: A Longitudinal Analysis

5:30-7:30pm   RECEPTION

* To RSVP, please contact Peggy Chang at pechang@ucsd.edu



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