Monday, April 9, 2012

New America's MexicoBlog

New from the Americas Program


Stay informed and up-to-date on the drug war, the Mexican presidential election, social movements and more with the new Americas Mexico Blog!

Check out these four unique features:

News Updates on Mexico from mainstream outlets and off-the-beaten-path sources—get the latest on what’s happening in the country and what the press is saying about it.

Translations of Mexican press reports and opinions. Original, same-day translations-- nowhere else available-- of key pieces from the Mexican press.

Americas Program editorials and commentaries by Americas Program director, Laura Carlsen, and others on news items-- to delve deeper and interpret Mexican news.

Action alerts: how you can link up with Mexican grassroots movements to support human rights.

Here's a recent blog post:
Laura Carlsen’s Blog
Panetta Declares 150,000 Deaths (Give or Take) in Mexico’s Drug War


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