Monday, April 23, 2012

An introduction to Immlounge by Alex Ngujiri

I now introduce to you ImmiLounge, the first social network that connects Immigrants with the American dream. The creators of the website are immigrants who were having a hard time living in America just like most of the Immigrant population. They then decided to come up with a social network for immigrants, where the immigrants help each other, and other organizations that target immigrants log in to help and support the immigrant community. Be it immigration attorneys, immigration information, immigration papers, job search, insurance, etc; immilounge connects Immigrants with all this information with just one click.

I am an immigrant who has lived in America for almost one year now, and so far life has been a very big struggle of survival. I still remain in America because just like every other immigrant, I see America being the land of opportunities. Dreams do come true in America. The main problem I have been going through is connecting with other people like me and finding useful help regarding my immigrant life. I looked hard but nothing seemed to be helping, until I got introduced to one of the co-founders of ImmiLounge. He helped me find what I was looking for and helped me make numerous immigrant friends from all over the world. He then stated how he was going to create a social network that will connect all these immigrants together to form an online immigrant community, and here it is. Just to show you how the member home page looks like, here is an example.

ImmiLounge is a very good start if you are a new immigrant, "fresh of the boat." In immilounge, you can find other immigrants located near you and they can connect you with jobs, schools and much more. Also, if you are looking for health insurance, grants and other necessities, immilounge is connected with other organizations so as to give you what you need instantly. The community is growing on a day by day basis and it is definitely a community to join if you are: an immigrant/foreigner in America, a foreigner looking to migrate to America or a foreigner with family in America.

The site is still new, but it is bound to help millions of immigrants in their pursuit of happiness in America. If you are an immigrant looking to connect with family at home, find help or help other immigrants, find resources that will affect your immigrant life, immilounge is the place to be. Consider it as a Facebook but one that is mainly for immigrants and that is devoted to help them as much as possible. Visit ImmiLounge now at or contact for more information. Trust me, this is going to be the next facebook.

 By Alex Ngujiri

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