Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Police Groups Oppose Anti-Immigration Proposal in Mississippi

From FoxNews Latino:

Four police and public official groups in Mississippi oppose the state's immigration measure, which they worry will have an adverse impact on police and local government.

The Associated Press obtained a letter given to senators Monday by the president of Mississippi Sheriffs' Association and the executive directors of the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police, the Mississippi Municipal League and the Mississippi Association of Supervisors.

The letter raises questions about whether local law enforcement agencies would have to keep interpreters on staff and whether violent offenders would have to be released from jails to make room for undocumented immigrants.

It also asks what should be done with children of undocumented if the parents are taken into custody, and it says the bill could force increases in local taxes. Recent news reports show thousands of children around the country have been put in foster care following the arrest by immigration officials of their parents. Read more..



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