Thursday, December 1, 2011

Linda Greenhouse Let's Florida Have It!

Linda Greenhouse on the NY Times Opinionator takes Florida to task on Fliorida's treatment of U.S. citizen college students who cannot establish the legal immigration status of theire parents:

In the current race to the bottom to see which state can provide the most degraded and dehumanizing environment for undocumented immigrants, Arizona and Alabama have grabbed the headlines. But largely unnoticed, it is Florida, home to nearly one million Cuban refugees and their descendants, that has come up with perhaps the most bizarre and pointless anti-immigrant policy of all. Beginning last year, the state’s higher education authorities have been treating American citizens born in the United States, including graduates of Florida high schools who have spent their entire lives in the state, as non-residents for tuition purposes if they can’t demonstrate that their parents are in the country legally. (emphasis added).

As reported on October 24 here on ImmigrationProf, the Southern Poverty Law Center is challenging Florida's deprivation of the rights of full access to public colleges and universities to U.S. citizens because o fthe immigration status of their parents.


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