Thursday, October 6, 2011

Louisiana Community Leader Facing Imminent Deportation

From the National Immigration Law Center:

A month ago, Arlyn was arrested during a raid in Kenner, Louisiana. Please call ICE to prevent him from being deported in the next three days. Numbers are below.

On August 29th, Arlyn and two dozen other workers gathered to collect their unpaid wages. It was an ambush. ICE had coordinated with 3 law enforcement agencies to carry out an immigration raid. The arrests were violent.

The arrested workers are members of the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice and the Congress of Day Laborers. They were involved in a dispute with their employer over failure to pay minimum wages and other egregious labor rights violations. ICE knew that. But rather than give these workers the civil rights and labor rights protections they deserve, ICE is deporting them. ICE’s actions contradict the agency’s recent public statements about its enforcement priorities and its exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

Most of the workers arrested during the raid have been released from detention and await deportation proceedings. But Arlyn and three others remain in detention.

Make a phone call now and tell ICE not to deport Arlyn and the other community leaders arrested during the raid.

Call to STOP the deportation of these important Community Leaders:
Call DHS head Janet Napolitano: 202-282-8495
Call ICE head John Morton: 202-732-3000
Call Scott Sutterfield, Acting ICE Field Office Director, at 318-335-7500 ext.7650

Sample Script:
I am calling to ask that four civil rights leaders be released from detention immediately and be allowed to remain in the US. Their names and immigration numbers are Arlyn Jose Caranza-Espinal A#094-923-622, Pedro Moreno-Cruz A# 098-500-026, Luis Ramon Franco-Martinez A# 099-653-230, and Cesar Gutierrez A# 088-018-479. Please stop their deportation.

For further information or to support the campaign please contact Jacinta Gonzalez at, (504) 655-6610.


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