Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herman Cain Apoligizes for Comments on Electrifying the Border Fence

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This week, Herman Cain is the frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination. So far, it sounds like he will not be so constructive in bringing about thoughtful discussion to immigration reform.

Huffington Post reports that Cain, on the campaign trail in Tennessee this weekend, told crowds that part of his immigration policy would be to build an electrified fence on the Mexican border that could potentially kill anyone trying to enter the country illegally. He later admitted that he was not serious about the idea and apologized. On Monday, Cain apologized again in Arizona with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his side during a press conference.

In an open letter to candidate Cain, SOMOS REPUBLICANS, a Latino Republican group, wrote:

"In recent months, you have told audiences that as president you will build a “Great Wall of China” with an electrified fence and alligator-filled moat. One time you even compared immigrants to invading Huns. Then, as these speeches become controversial, you tried to evade criticism claiming the proposal was all just a joke.

Mr. Cain, jokes involving killing people is not a suitable topic for a joke. Hundreds of migrants die crossing our Southern border each year, and as a result this is an extremely sensitive topic, especially among most of America’s 51 million Hispanics. I’m sure most Americans would not appreciate jokes about 9-11, and most blacks would not appreciate jokes about hanging blacks either. Please refrain from ever repeating this proposal again."

UPDATE (10/19): The fallout continues, with a Latino activist leaving the Republican Party and the chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Charles Gonzalez (D-TX) condemning Cain's insensitivity and irresponsibility.



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