Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Border agent says there's nothing to do, says money is being wasted

CNN reports that a Border Patrol whistleblower claims that the agents are paid to do virtually nothing along an isolated stretch of the U.S./Canadian border. Washington state's remote Olympic Peninsula has been seen a debate over the expansion of a Border Patrol station in Port Angeles, a three-hour car and ferry ride away from the U.S.-Canadian land border. The expansion will cost nearly $6 million and allow for up to 50 agents. Prior to September 11, 2001, four agents were stationed in Port Angeles.

"It's not needed, there's nothing for them to do up here," said Lois Danks, a local writer and organizer of Stop the Checkpoints. She says border agents "drive around and hassle people without any reasonable suspicion of anything except for possibly the color of their skin." "They park across the street from Hispanic grocery stores and taco stands and watch who comes and goes," according to Danks.



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