Sunday, June 19, 2011

Senator McCain: Arizona Fires Caused by "Illegals"

Over the last week, firefighters in Arizona has been fighting horrible wildfires. Perhaps it was only a matter of time until the fires were blamed on the demons for all seasons -- "illegals."

CNN quotes contrasting explanations for what started the Monument fire, "which has spread across the Huachuca Mountains and burned 20,956 acres as of Saturday afternoon. . . . [A]uthorities likely won't state a cause until the blaze is more under control."  "We know where it started and when it started, but (the specific cause) is under investigation," an official spokesperson said. "When we do have that information, we will share it."


Arizona Senator John McCain, once a respected and responsible leader on immigration and immigration reform but now unrelentingly committed to more and more border enforcement, offered a simpler explanation that apparaently does not require an investigation to be completed. And it is an explanation that unfortunately is likely to spread like wildfire!

Senator McCain blamed undocumented immigrants for starting the fires. "There is substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by people who have crossed our border illegally," McCain said. "The answer to that part of the problem is to get a secure border."


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