Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Documentary: WAR DON DON -- "the war is over" in Sierra Leone

The war is over, a trial begins. Bring WAR DON DON to your classroom.

"War Don Don offers one of the most complex views of a legal proceeding ever presented in a documentary film." — Penny Lane, Brooklyn Rail

"'War Don Don' forces its audience to challenge preconceived notions of righteousness, justice and retribution. Even the seemingly secure concept of truth is quickly muddied, creating the most satisfying intellectual and emotional discomfort." — Rebecca Agule, Harvard Law Record

"War Don Don is a triumph of agenda-free nonfiction filmmaking... It's among the year's finest documentaries. — P. Hall, Video Librarian

In Krio, the native tongue of Sierra Leone – a country locked in bloody civil conflict for much of the last two decades – war don don means "the war is over." In 2002, the guns fell silent across the plains of this impoverished West African nation, and the people started down the road to reconciliation.

The current international focal point of this process is the Special Court for Sierra Leone, a United Nations war crimes tribunal. Our feature-length documentary film, WAR DON DON follows the trial of Issa Sesay, a rebel commander and a key player in the peace process. Critics call WAR DON DON one of the most thought provoking and viscerally compelling films of the year. Offering no easy answers, the film provides unprecedented access to insiders' views about the complex moral, political, and legal questions that issue from rebuilding lawless and war torn nations.

WAR DON DON has been broadcast on HBO and has won numerous awards, including the Special Jury Award at SXSW, and the Cinereach Award at the 2010 Human Rights Watch Film Festival. Learn more and see a trailer by going to the website and visiting the online store at

The issues raised in the film are explored in a FREE comprehensive study guide that brings together a collection of discussion questions, a time line of the Sierra Leonean civil war, an archive of primary source documents from both members of the defense and prosecution, and additional information on non-governmental and civil society organizations. A PDF of the guide can be downloaded HERE.


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