Friday, May 6, 2011

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Calls for Freeze of Secure Communities

From the L.A. Times:  "The Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Thursday asked President Obama to freeze the controversial immigration enforcement program known as Secure Communities -- one day after the state of Illinois attempted to terminate its participation agreement and pull out altogether."

Here are some of the comments, which reveal much about the sophistication (or lack therof) of too much of the debate over immigration:

"Im sick of democrats...I have been one almost forever. But if the democrats want the illegals vote, they then lost my american vote as I will change to Republican. I'm done with it.

Illegals are deportable for being in the US without permission. Where's the controversy? Throw their butts out.

Why must we support illegals when we can't even support ourselves? Notice the Spanish names in this article? They want a shot at the presidency. They want their turn to run this once great country into the ground."


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