Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brewer: Let's Go Straight to the Supreme Court on SB 1070

Foregoing a request for rehearing en banc at the Ninth Circuit, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wants to appeal straight to the Supreme Court.

Asraa Mustufa writes for Colorlines:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced Monday that her state will appeal directly to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking them to overturn a ruling that put key elements of the state’s controversial immigration enforcement law SB 1070 on hold.

The move comes after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals turned down the same bid by Arizona officials last month. Instead of asking a larger panel of Ninth Circuit judges to rehear the appeal, Brewer feels that pushing the process to the Supreme Court will be “a much quicker fix.”

“Everyone knows that the 9th circuit has a reputation of being very, very liberal,” Brewer told Fox News. “After deliberating and thinking about it, I said, let’s just go to the Supreme Court. You know these things are so expensive and they take so long. And in the meantime, Arizona is just bearing the brunt of all the [undocumented] immigration in the country!” Read more...


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