Wednesday, March 30, 2011

6th Annual Conference on Catholic Legal Thought

The 6th Annual Conference on Catholic Legal Thought will take place at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, May 17-19.  On May 17 we will spend the afternoon with Paul Griffiths, Warren Professor of Catholic Theology at Duke discussing "The Essential St. Augustine fr 21st Century Lawyers and Law Professors.  To facilitate the discussion we are asking participants to read "Augustine:  Political Writings," Adkins and Dodaro (eds), Cambridge Univ. Press 2001 and Books 2 & 19 from "The City of God."  SMU's George Martinez, who is familiar to many in the immigration law prof community, will be one of the respondents to Prof. Griffiths.  On May 18 we will have sessions on "The City of Man:  What role should law play in infusing the City of Man with the City of God?" and "Forgiveness and Conversion: What should be law's attitude toward treatment of post-conviction criminals."  And, on May 19, Steven Smith, Warren Distinguished Professor of Law at San Diego wlll present his book, "The Disenchantment of Secular Purpose," which should be read in advance to prepare us for a robust discussion.

To request a registration form and full conference schedule please email Michael Scaperlanda at

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