Friday, February 4, 2011

America’s Deporter in Chief Kris Kobach

profiles Kansas Secretary of State and anti-immigrant zealot (and profiteer) Kris Kobach in a story aptly titled "Deporter in Chief."  This puff piece finds a Yale law professor -- Kobach, by the way, is a Yale Law School alum -- to characterize Kobach’s legal positions, which have been rejected repeatedly by the courts, as "tenable, even clever."  References also are made to the fact that Kobach, when in the Bush administration, hiked and boidy surfed with former Attorney General John Ashcroft, well-known by Capitol insiders for clothing statues in the Justice Department foyer.

The article acknowledges that "Kobach’s contagious ideas and all-American good looks have made him a fixture on Fox News."  I am not sure what count as "all-American good looks" in 21st century America but he is a regular on Fox News.

For a critical look at Kobach's immigration work, click here.


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