Friday, December 24, 2010

Where is the Christmas Spirit? The Mean-Spirited Debate Over Immigration Continues

Every once in a while, I will comment on the mean-spirited comments posted about op/eds and commentary on immigration on mainstream news websites.  One can find such comments in papers with their primary circulations in suburban and rural areas.  More surprising, the readers of the Washington Post can be just as irrational and mean.  Here is just one comment to an op/ed in the Post by Professor Edward Schumacher-Matos on the failure of Congress to pass the DREAM ACT: 

"How many of those politicians live in a neighborhood that has been overrun with Mexicans?

How many have Mexican gangs hang out on their property and do thousands of dollars worth of damage?

How many live in areas where Mexican LA RAZA groups force the police to treat gangs like endangered species?

How many of these politicians have seen senior citizens on the way to church get attacked by illegals who want money not education?

How many people know that Luis Gutierrez moved out of his 4th district to get away from the crime that his people commit?

What exactly do Americans owe Mexicans as they never lifted a finger to help fight any of the wars Americans did during the 20th century?

How many people know that Mexicans overpopulated Mexico by quadrupling its population over the last 60 years?

How many people know that there are more than 125 countries that are poorer than Mexico yet Mexicans want to be fed first.

How many people know that the supposedly religious Mexican in America doesn't even go to church or contribute yet they seem to drive brand new SUVs.

How many people know that Mexicans have been getting loans for homes even though qualified Americans are denied.

How many Americans know that Mexicans contribute very little to the education of their own children as they claim poverty and live in areas that get aid from state and federal funds that are denied to Americans."


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