Monday, December 20, 2010

How Students Almost Made their DREAM Come True

Julianne Hing writes for Colorlines:

By the time Felipe Matos got to North Carolina, his 1,500-mile march was nearly over. It was April and he, Gaby Pacheco, Carlos Roa and Juan Rodriguez were set to arrive in D.C. on May 1. They’d walked from Miami, on what they called the Trail of Dreams, to raise awareness about their plight as undocumented students and demand the passage of the DREAM Act.

They’d been walking since the first day of the year, and had already passed through north Florida’s backwater towns and big cities, where anti-immigrant hate crimes were going unreported. They’d long ago confronted the KKK in southern Georgia.

But it was in North Carolina that Matos heard the words he still can’t get out of his mind months later. “‘You’re not completely human,’ a man said. I couldn’t believe it,” Matos recalled this month, still a little incredulous. “The man looked me right in the eye—that was the most astonishing thing.” Read more...


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