Saturday, December 11, 2010

Call Senators to vote YES on the DREAM Act

From the Asian American Justice Center:

Tell the Senate to Vote "Yes" on DREAM Act!

After the House passed the DREAM Act. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised to bring the bill to a vote before the lame-duck session ends.We need everyone to call the Senate and urge passage of this important legislation! We are closer than ever to realizing the dream.

With a DREAM Act vote possible next week, we need your continued help to remind the Senate that we should give talented youth a chance to contribute to this country.


An estimated 65,000 students graduate from high school every year without legal immigration status, including many young Asian Americans. Watch "A DREAM A Part" to hear their stories and learn how they are fighting for the DREAM Act -

If the DREAM Act becomes law, young people who were brought to this country as children and remained in school or joined the military would be allowed to work toward citizenship. Passage of the DREAM Act would not only enable these young people - who grew up here and work hard - to capture the American Dream, but to contribute to the country they call "home."

Call your senators NOW and urge them to vote for the DREAM Act: 1-866-996-5161


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