Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sheriff Joe Back in the Headlines, Joins Forces with The Hulk, Dick Tracy, Wyatt Earp -- Really!

Not long agocontroversial Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised to create a new "illegal immigration posse," a volunteer armed posse to help enforce the immigration laws.  This is just the latest chapter in his campaign against "illegals." 

Yesterday (Download Immigration Posse News Release[1]), Sheriff Arpaio announced that

"56 new members from various professions will be sworn in by Sheriff Arpaio as illegal immigration fighters including some well known personalities. Hollywood actors and real life law enforcement professionals Steven Seagal, Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) and Peter Lupus (Mission Impossible) all signed on to work this detail. A retired Chicago police official aptly named Dick Tracy who now lives in Arizona has also joined this posse. And Wyatt Earp, a local resident whose uncle was the famous lawman, is joining the posse as well."

For TPM Muckracker's story on the posse, click here

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It is hard to take the newest members of the posse seriously but the immigration events in Arizona over the last year are no joke.  Sheriff Joe appears to be popular in Arizona and the legislature jumped on his bandwagoon to pass the ill-fated immigration law known as SB 1070.  Many Latinos -- U.S. citizens and lawful immigrants as well as the undocumented -- are scared to death of arrest, deportation, etc. 


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