Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Texas Governor Rick Perry Plays the (Anti-)Immigrant Card

This has been a wild election season.  California Republican candidate Meg Whitman proclaims that she will get tough on the employers of undocumented immigrants before it is revealed that she employed an undocumented immigrant in her home for nine years.  In a battle for a seat in the Senate, an over-the-top immigration ad comes out of Louisiana.

Not to be outdone, Texas Governor Rick Perry's new campaign ad blames Houston's "sanctuary" policy -- and his opponent, former Houston Mayor Bill White -- for the tragic death of a police officer.  To add fuel to the fire, the ad, which has generated a firetorm of controversy, features the officer's widow.

UPDATE (10/28):  Not to be out-anti-immigranted, Houston Mayor (and Democrat) Bill White struck back in a new televison ad claiming that Rick Perry, not White, was soft on those mean ol' immigrants.  White proves once again that anti-immigrant stances can come from both Democrats and Republicans (and do not ask me about the Tea Party or the American Independent Party).  Thanks to Texas correspondent Cappy White for the latest from Tejas. 



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