Friday, October 1, 2010

Nightingale for California Governor?

All week, with the first debate and Whitman's nanny imbroglio, California gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman (Republican) and Jerry Brown (Democrat) have been in the news.  There is a little known Tea Party-endorsed candidate, who also has been endorsed by anti-immigrant advocates Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Tom Tancredo.  She is Chalene Nightingale, the candidate of the American Independent Party.  Her website has some slick videos, one of which plays in the background  famous words of both Democratic icon John F. Kennedy and Republican icon Ronald Reagan.

With respect to immigration, Nightingale supports sending troops to the border, ending public benefits (are any available?) to undocumented immigrants, abolishing "sanctuary" cities, and ensuring that undocumented students not be eligible for resident fees for California colleges and universities.

For some background about Nightingale, click hereHere is an interesting interview with her.


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