Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crimes and Immigration Seminar

2010 Crimes and Immigration Seminar in Los Angeles
Presented by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and the Law Offices of Norton Tooby

Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, November 6, 2010

UCLA School of Law
405 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90095
9am - 5pm

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Katherine Brady. Senior Staff Attorney, Immigrant Legal Resource Center.  Author of Defending Immigrants in the Ninth Circuit (2008).

Norton Tooby. Author of Tooby’s Checklists (2009), Categorical Analysis Tool Kit (2009), Tooby's Guide to Criminal Immigration Law (2008), Too by's Crimes of Moral Turpitude (2008), Tooby’s California Post-Conviction Relief (2009), Criminal Defense of Immigrants (2007), Aggravated Felonies (2006), and Safe Havens: How to Identify and Construct Non-Deportable Convictions (2005).

Structure of the Seminar:

Separate Morning Session for immigration advocates and advanced criminal defenders will focus on the following Relief from Removal topics:
•    What relief from removal is available to a noncitizen despite criminal convictions?
•    Who is eligible for cancellation of removal for lawful permanent residents?
•    Who is eligible for the INA section 212(h) waiver of inadmissibility?
•    When can a client get cancellation when 212(h) is not available, and vice versa?

Separate Mor ning Session for criminal counsel will take the three most important topics and devote an hour to each:
•    What information is needed to diagnose the immigration consequences as Padilla v. Kentucky requires?
•    What domestic violence dispositions are immigration-safe and how can they be constructed?
•    How can counsel avoid the most common and damaging immigration consequences of sentences?

Joint Afternoon Session for criminal and immigration counsel
The first two hours will be devoted to immigration-safe dispositions in the most common criminal cases:
•    Safe Havens in drug cases – 1 hour and 40 minutes in depth
•    Safe Havens in crimes of moral turpitude cases – 30 minutes
•    The final two hours will discuss how post-conviction relief can help defendants avoid immigration consequences after Padilla .


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