Monday, September 6, 2010

New Immigration Articles from SSRN

Here are some new immigration articles from the Social Science Research Network (

"The Constitutional Status of Irregular Migrants: Testing the Boundaries of Human Rights Protection in Spain and the United States" ARE HUMAN RIGHTS FOR MIGRANTS? CRITICAL REFLECTIONS ON THE STATUS OF IRREGULAR MIGRANTS IN EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES, Marie Dembour, Tobias Kelly, eds., Routledge 2011 NYU School of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 10-46.  RUTH RUBIO-MARIN, European University Institute.  CRISTINA RODRIGUEZ, New York University - School of Law Email:

 "Sinners or Saints: Child Soldiers and the Persecutor Bar to Asylum after Negusie v. Holder" Boston College Third World Law Journal, Forthcoming Seton Hall Public Law Research Paper No. 1647797 "Separation, Deportation, Termination"  BRYAN LONEGAN, Seton Hall University School of Law - Center for Social Justice.   

"Separation, Deportation, Termination" MARCIA ANNE YABLON-ZUG, University of South Carolina School of Law.


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