Friday, September 24, 2010

Stephen Colbert Testifies Before Congress on Immigration

220px-Stephen_Colbert_4_by_David_Shankbone Stephen Colbert testified today (in character) before Congress on immigration.  He testified about his participation in the UFW's Take Our Jobs campaign (and here) and picked crops in the field for a day.

Check out the video of Colbert's testimony by clicking on his name above.  Here is his written statement.

Although Colbert pokes fun in certain ways at Congress, the political process, and the contradictions in this nation's treatment of undocumented immigrants (and is assisted in the comedy inadvertently by Representative Steve King (R-Iowa), who asks a truly curious question about corn -- "We know corn in Iowa.")), he offered a poignant response to a question about why he is interested in the plight of undocumented immigrants -- he likes talking about people "without any power."  He added that: "Migrant workers suffer and have no rights."  All too true.


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