Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drop the I-Word

Today ColorLines has announced the launch of Drop the I-Word, a national public education campaign focused on eradicating the racial slur "illegals" from media use and public discourse. The i-word is a damaging term that divides and dehumanizes communities and is used to discriminate against immigrants and people of color. It is shorthand for "illegal alien," "illegal immigrant" and other racially charged terms. This campaign is an extension of the work of the Applied Research Center and ColorLines.com, to popularize racial justice and give people the tools they need to make structural changes together. This is a cross-generational, multiracial initiative aimed at raising the public awareness of, and commitment to, human rights, dignity and racial justice for all people. We can stop unintentionally fueling racial profiling and violence directed toward immigrants when we Drop the I-Word as a designation for our neighbors, children and families. We can encourage others to uphold the same human values and professional journalistic standards. Take the pledge to stop using the i-word and ask media to do the same.



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