Friday, July 16, 2010

Immigration Law and Adjudication Issue of Duke Law Journal

The May 2010 (Vol. 59, No. 8) issue of the Duke Law Journal is the Fortieth Annual Administrative Law Issue.  The issue is on " Immigration Law and Adjudication."

Judicial Specialization and the Adjudication of Immigration Cases Lawrence Baum 

A Diversion of Attention? Immigration Courts and the Adjudication of Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights Jennifer M. Chacón

Restructuring Immigration Adjudication Stephen H. Legomsky

The Rights of Others: Legal Claims and Immigration Outside the Law Hiroshi Motomura

Constraint through Delegation: The Case of Executive Control over Immigration Policy Cristina M. Rodríguez

RESPONSE Practical Impediments to Structural Reform and the Promise of Third Branch Analytic Methods: A Reply to Professors Baum and Legomsky Russell R. Wheeler


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