Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Anti-Immigrants Co-Opted the Environmental Movement

From the Center for New Community:

Apply the Brakes: A Report on Anti-immigrant Co-optation and the Environmental Movement

This report is intended to explore how anti-immigrant forces have corrupted the dialogue on population and the environment, and will examine the anti-immigrant environmentalist network that has influenced the environmental movement for the last 14 years. In 2009, an article in the Population Special Issue of the Earth Island Journal mentioned a new organization and website named Apply the Brakes (ATB hereafter). A few months later, the Center for Immigration Studies  — an anti-immigrant organization known to trade in racism — cited ATB in a memorandum denouncing Sierra Club leadership for not addressing the issue of immigration. At a time when more people of color, labor and human rights organizations are engaging in environmental concerns such as climate change and “green jobs,” ATB could very well threaten those fragile coalitions. 

Allegedly the “result of a meeting of long-time conservationists held in Western Oregon in the spring of 2006,”  ATB has kept a very low public presence outside of environmental circles, but its mission is clear: ATB concerns itself with “domestic population growth”  and has a pronounced anti-immigration focus. Click here for more on the report and a link to the acutal report.


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