Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Harvest of Loneliness: The Bracero Program

Harvest of Loneliness:   The Bracero Program is a documentary by UC Irvine Chicano/Latino Studies professor Gilbert Gonzalez that explores the history of the Bracero Program, the long-running guest worker program that was in place from WWII to the 1960s.  Arizona's controversial new immigration law has reignited heated debates on how best to address the country's undocumented immigrant population. In looking to future policies and programs, including proposed "guest worker" programs," it is important to reexamine the past.

In a new documentary, The Harvest of Loneliness: The Bracero Program, Gonzalez and Vivian Price explore the historical accounts of migrant Mexican farm workers brought into the U.S. from 1942-1964 under the temporary worker program known as the Bracero Program. Check out here for more detrails.


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