Friday, January 22, 2010

Immigration Reform is Needed This Year

From the Center for American Progress:

Seven Reasons to Push for Immigration Reform this Year
By Gebe Martinez, Marshall Fitz

Immigration reform has been, is now, and always will be a bipartisan issue. It engenders support from both sides of the political aisle because serious lawmakers know that our broken system continues to get in the way of other pressing priorities, that a practical solution is at hand, and that it is in both parties’ interest to get this issue off the table.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle who are concerned about securing the borders and growing our economy will continue to push for immigration reform this year. Here are seven reasons why:

The American public wants its leaders to quit playing politics and to step up and solve tough problems.
Support for comprehensive immigration reform is broad, deep, and bipartisan.
Fixing our immigration system will promote economic growth and stability. Click here for more.


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