Wednesday, December 30, 2009

March Against Arpaio on January 16

From the National Day Laborer Network:

March on Phoenix, AZ -- Arpaio's America is NOT our America

January 16, 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are seeking organizational endorsers for the March on Phoenix, AZ on January 16, 2010. By endorsing the march, your organization will stand in solidarity with the people of Maricopa County, AZ and send a clear message that Sheriff Arpaio's America is NOT our America. To be included in the list of endorsers click here:

Why do we march?

We have reached a new phase in the struggle for justice and dignity in Maricopa County, Arizona and in other communities suffering severe civil rights abuses due to the failure of United States immigration policy.

The nation has watched with disbelief as Sheriff Joe Arpaio has carried out a systematic reign of terror disguised in the name of immigration enforcement, but directed against all communities of color in his jurisdiction. 
In the process, he has become a symbol of abuse, bigotry, and intolerance. The Obama Administration's recent endorsement of Sheriff Arpaio - through the renewal of his 287(g) authority and its expansion of local immigration enforcement initiatives proven to cause racial profiling - is an affront to this nation's struggles for equality and justice.

Not since the days of Bull Connor has this country seen a public official abuse his authority in order to terrorize and intimidate communities based on the color of their skin. The hatred and extremism that Sheriff Arpaio breeds is felt from Phoenix to Washington DC. It is an extremism that, left unchallenged, threatens to disrupt communities, destroy lives, and undermine bedrock constitutional protections for us all.

On January 16, the communities in Arizona will come together with the support of people from across the country to turn the tide.  By endorsing the march, your organization will join the people of Maricopa County in their historic call for justice.  

Our Demands:

·   A termination of Sheriff Arpaio's 287(g) contract, which grants him federal immigration law enforcement authority.

·   An end to the controversial 287(g) program, the so called " Secure Communities" initiative, and others like them that spread racial profiling and civil rights abuses across the nation.

·   An end to criminalization of migrants and communities of color in the name of immigration enforcement.

·   An end to family separation.

·   The passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation that provides legal status and political equality to undocumented immigrants.

·   A restoration of constitutional rights to all people.

We encourage organizational delegations from all over the country to JOIN US   along with thousands of marchers including civil rights and labor leaders such as Dolores Huerta and artists like Zac de La Rocha and Linda Rondstat. We ask that you march in Phoenix, Arizona on January 16 to demand that the federal government restore constitutional protections and peace to families in Maricopa County and across the nation.

Click here to endorse the march:

For questions or more information please email:

Repeat after me: Sheriff Joe has got to go!


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