Saturday, December 12, 2009

El reino de terror de Joe Arpaio continues

Nicholas Riccardi
of the Los Angeles Times has a revealing, and deeply troubling, story about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Sheriff Joe, well-known for his anti-immigrant shenanigans and public rousting of everything Latino in search of undocumented immigrants, appears to be leveling law enforcement resources at whoever stands in his way, including Republican as well as Democratic political officials in Arizona.  Arpaio has brought a racketeering suit against the board of supervisors, arrested a political official on multiple occasions on trumped up charges, searched city hall, and generally generated a climate of fear among immigrants, Latinos, and whoever stands up for their rights.  As it has been put, it really does sound like El reino de terror de Joe Arpaio.

I visited Arizona a few weeks ago, on the day that the story of the racketeering suit against the board of supervisors hit the headlines.  The suit and Arpaio were hot topics of converataion and few folks seemed to defend his antics.  Yet, Arpaio won relection last year by a wide margin and reportedly is a frontrunner for governor.  What's up in Arizona?

Hat tip to Robert Gittelson.


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