Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Health Care Reform and Immigrants

Earlier today, Kevin Johnson posted NILC's analysis of the health care bill that was passed by the House on Saturday. Here's a related message from the Asian Law Caucus:

Dear Friends of the Caucus:

Health care reform has taken center stage in recent months and I am writing to you to ask for your support in ensuring that immigrants families and children are included in the reform package. We need to unite our voices and combat the anti-immigrant sentiment that is fueling opponents of reform.

Please find below a link to a national petition that the National Korean Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) is spearheading. The petition asks President Obama and other leaders in Congress that immigrants not be left behind in the reform proposals in three specific ways:

1.Make the federal government pay their fair share by removing their five year waiting period for legal immigrants in Medicaid and Medicare.

2.Make health reform affordable to everyone by allowing public access to purchase the public option in the new marketplace for health insurance.

3.Let everyone who subsidizes the health system to participate in it, and make informed health decisions, regardless of immigration status.

The link is here: NAKASEC petition.

NAKASEC and their Los Angeles affiliate, the Korean Resource Center (KRC), are also mobilizing a vigil right here in San Francisco on November 23. They are asking for local supporters to turn out and join the event in front of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office. For more details about the vigil, please contact Olivia Park at or by phone at 323-937-3703 x209.

Let's join together and win health care for all families and children.

In unity,

Christopher Punongbayan
Deputy Director
Asian Law Caucus


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