Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stop Using "Illegal Alien" Terminology

From Cesar Baldelomar of Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

The language we use daily can cause either division or healing. In this case, individuals are using language to cause violence and perpetuate oppression. “Illegal Alien” is a derogatory and xenophobic term. It implies that an immigrant to the US is not a human being who deserves human rights, but rather some space alien-monster that should strike fear in the heart of white America and so should be eliminated at any cost. The “aliens,” like in the movies Mars Attack and Independence Day, are here in the US to invade and alter the comfortable lifestyles of many “citizens.” And, the vigilantes and neo-nazis (I refuse to capitalize the “n”) are the heroes during these times, since they defend the US from foreign invasion. Unfortunately, many today in the US still use alien and illegal when describing their fellow human beings. This dehumanizes the many immigrants who come from South and Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and several other locations to make an honest living. Click here for the entire post.


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