Monday, August 31, 2009

Census 2010 and the Importance of Accurate Reporting

Bill Hing previously reported on the issues surrounding the cooperation of undocumented immigrants with Census-takers.  Teresa Watanabe of the L.A. Times reports on an extremely important practical problem for Census 2010, the full and fair counting of immigrants in the greater Los Angeles area.  "Officials fear funding shortages and mistrust toward the government among many immigrants could result in an undercount with enormous consequences for California: the possible loss of a U.S. congressional seat for the first time in state history and the loss of billions of dollars of federal funding for schools and other services. Congressional seats and more than $300 billion in federal funding for more than 170 programs are apportioned by population, as determined by the census. By some estimates, each person counted results in $12,000 in federal funds over a decade."


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