Monday, May 18, 2009

Fox "News" Wins Defamation Case Against Day Laborers

Shaun Martin at California Appellate Report blogs about Balzaga v. Fox News Network (Cal. Ct. App May 14, 2009), which includes several immigrant day laborers as plaintiffs who sued the Fox "News" Network for defamation.  The case revolves around a Fox "news" story with "Manhunt at the Border" for criminal suspects underneath a picture of the innocent day laborer plaintiffs.  

Martin writes in conclusion that "Can I also just say that I had to smile when I saw that one of Fox New's primary defenses was that the stuff it says in its news show is `merely hyperbole'. Let me just put those various words together again. Fox News Network. Hyperbole. News. Hyperbole. Fox. "


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